Lessons in hardships

If nothing was difficult you’d stay the same. If you were never hungry, you’d never appreciate the gift of being full and fed (both literally and figuratively).

The pain is a set up for a much stronger comeback. Don’t let the hardships drown out your effort to keep going. What you want to do is listen to the negative. Pay attention to your frustrations, what might life be trying to tell you?

Make the adjustments and don’t overthink things.

Trial and character

Success is not always about trial and error. Yes we should fall down, get bruised up, and make mistakes.

Where we should focus more is trial and character.

Every deed, good or bad, every seed we plant, how we react to the outside world around us, practically everything we do, molds our character.

Be mindful of this idea of trial and character as you go through your day to day. Just don’t let this idea ruin your natural way of living.

Enjoy today!

I believe. Do you?

The best way to embrace the present is to remember not that which we were before, but that we once were not.

You started from zero and now look at where you are.

Do you now believe in miracles?

You should if you don’t.

It took a series of very specific actions to get you here. Be thankful at all cost. Be thankful even for the bad things, for they help mold us into be human beings.