What happens when you question things?

The world becomes an open book. Your perception changes. Answers begin to find you wherever you travel.

It is important to question lots of things.

I am a firm believer that things don’t just happen. There truly is a reason behind every single little thing. Whether subconscious, literally, scientifically, metaphorically, or emotionally.

The fact that we don’t question life enough is alarming, since we’re taught through educational institutions to ask if we have questions or don’t know something.

What good fortunate means to you is up to you

To often we try to reach a preconceived notion of success. We use and abuse money, fame, and material things just to slowly but surely realize that none of it really mattered as much as we thought.

Not all of us believe it doesn’t. Being rich or poor is a choice. In both cases you can have it all and feel like shit or have nothing and feel like one million bucks.

Perception of wealth and good fortune will take you far or hold you back depending on how you choose to do things.

Like I said in a previous post, we really just want love and respect. We want to enjoy our work and make an honest living because of it. Everything else is a bonus.

The Pressure

Fit in, or stand out?
Sit down or stand up?
Make friends or remain lonely?
Shoot for the stars or stay on the ground working the burger joint?
4 year degree or Ph.D?
Marriage or Bachelor?
Kids or no kids?
Sweats or a suit?

The pressure is on every single day. Deciding what should and shouldn’t happen can be incredibly overwhelming but instead we take it easy and pick one thing at a time.

Impossible to be impossible

You can’t really say something is impossible until you have given multiples in pursuit of accomplishing that thing.

We only say something is impossible because we refuse to try that many times to do something or don’t believe someone else is willing to try that hard.

Remember: There was a tome when planes did not exist.

What happens when the teacher calls on you?

Does the earth literally stop spinning?
Does someone hold a gun to your head?
Do you puke?

What is so bad about public speaking or being the center of attention?

If anything we overthink is completely.
It’s a chance for us to be completely accepted for a moment in time. We finally get to be heard and say what needs to be said. Therefore we should actually love the idea of speaking in front of groups.

Yet and still we became programmed to be completely afraid of it.