Impossible to be impossible

You can’t really say something is impossible until you have given multiples in pursuit of accomplishing that thing.

We only say something is impossible because we refuse to try that many times to do something or don’t believe someone else is willing to try that hard.

Remember: There was a tome when planes did not exist.

What happens when the teacher calls on you?

Does the earth literally stop spinning?
Does someone hold a gun to your head?
Do you puke?

What is so bad about public speaking or being the center of attention?

If anything we overthink is completely.
It’s a chance for us to be completely accepted for a moment in time. We finally get to be heard and say what needs to be said. Therefore we should actually love the idea of speaking in front of groups.

Yet and still we became programmed to be completely afraid of it.

Picking a company

Work for the company that facilitates growth. Be committed to the company that pays you based on the actual value you bring, and not just for showing up.

Perform for the company that checks on you, and makes sure you are comfortable during the work day. The company that treats you to freebies, has great benefits, and will help you retire wealthy is the company you want to show up on time for.

If you don’t feel any of this, look for a better company.

Work is an important aspect of life, and takes up a lot of your free time over the years. It’s better to get started on the fun work now than later.