Know YOU before they roll the credits.

It’s not always about making it all of the way to the end of the tunnel or journey. Your goal or objective just like a movie can be figured out half way through. Sometimes we can even make spot on predictions without much investigative clues.

There are however lots and lots of variables that will try to distract you and often succeed at creating different outcomes than what you thought would happen.

What’s important here is knowing who you are under any circumstance that might come your way. Why? Because when change within you occurs you’ll know exactly what you were able to learn from the experience.

Perception, Listening, Understanding. The gifts you give.

Everyone’s perception of life is pretty different. Maybe a few people share the same ideas of a certain topic but in general, two people will explain the same ideas in two completely different ways. This is of course based on upbringing, educational background, occupation, pay, hobbies, etc.

Beauty is when each person comes to the table of life with an open mind. The ability to understand another’s viewpoint, or idea is something of skill. You have to mentally mute what you already think and like to do. You become investigative and supportive of your peers mental.

We never make it sound as complex, but that’s part of what we do when trying to understand one another. It requires a lot of listening. Listening for most people is very uncomfortable. You don’t know who or what you’re going to get within that communicative exchange.

Listening and understanding, are acts of kindness, and bravery.

Nobody can make you listen. Any time you do listen (even when you’re completely lost) it’s a gift to the receiver.

Well what will it be?

You can’t have and enjoy every experience that happens in life. Something you can do is live in your moments that you have within your own life. You can constantly be present. You can enjoy the sounds of life, the people, the food, the culture as a whole can cause you to feel bliss like nothing else.

Your other option is to not care much about anything. You can just be a sloppy mess. Never thanking anyone for what they do for you. Losing all abilities to show gratitude.

I’d rather you be the person in paragraph one. You’re free to choose either.

Trying something new…

Might be exactly what you need to get you going again. Maybe you’ve been doing the same for too long and feel dead inside. It’s completely normal to get tired of routine tasks. The issue is not becoming bored with the same. The issue is doing nothing about it.

Take a trip to a different state to sight see.
Paint something you’ve never painted before.
Try being a vegan for a week or a carnivore if you already are vegan.
Ask open ended and unusual questions.

Whatever you decide to do, just do something never done before. Don’t just suck your teeth in frustrations in the middle of the road.

If I had to give “advice” to you today

Beging each and everyday knowing that today will be better than yesterday. Walk with purpose. Exceed all of your own expectations. Ignore the assholes. Pay attention to the constructive criticisms. Make the proper adjustments.

Stop listening to the people who seem like they give great advice, but have not progressed in anyway. You know those people that always chime in every time they hear you talking about your life to someone else? Avoid long conversations with them.

Stop with the fear. Just go for it. Get after it. Everybody looks stupid the first time they get on a bike. Staying on the bike is more important than looking cool.

The art of waiting

Teaches you to hold on just a little longer.
Informs you that not everything will happen exactly when it is supposed to happen.
You just might need a car, plane or boat to get faster.
Getting there faster is not and should not always be the goal.
It’s not as fun as getting the job done.
Only patient people wait.
Waiting for too long is a bad thing.
Not waiting long enough doesn’t work either.
Work while you wait.