You only get one life: what it really means (and doesn’t mean)

Living your life to the fullest extent does not mean:

Playing chicken on a bridge that is under construction.
Drinking until you blackout every single weekend.
Buying the most expensive items every time you shop.
Yelling and making a scene just to create a memory to laugh at later on.
Having sex with anything walking.
Making babies when you’re truly not ready for parenthood.
Eating nothing but junk food all year round.
Not taking anything seriously because you associate seriousness with boringness.
Sitting around doing nothing just because.
Being a complete jackass for the remainder of life.
Wishing, hoping, and waiting for things.

What I think living life to the fullest actually means, has meant, and will always mean but is misinterpreted year after year:

Using all of your time wisely before it unexpectedly runs out however you have to, (temporary), need to (based on physics, politics, and law enforcement), and want to (for the remainder of your life once you complete the necessary work it takes to live on your own terms).

Who’s fault is it?

It’s your fault if you give up and settle. It’s your fault if you don’t create more opportunities for yourself. It’s your fault if you don’t meet the right people. It’s your fault if you are unhappy. It’s your fault if you miss time with your loved ones. It’s your fault if you have to deal with the ugly side of fame. It’s your fault if you don’t get that degree you’ve been dreaming of. It’s your fault if you don’t earn respect from your peers. It’s your fault if your anti-social. It’s your fault if things don’t work out.

Before you point, look in the mirror and readjust.

The decisions should ALWAYS be up to YOU (and nobody else)

Make sure you’re fighting for the right thing. Whether it’s political beliefs, religion, what color you want your hair dyed, who you’re marrying. Whatever it is, make sure that’s what you really want.

A lot people get lost in the number of options there are to pick from in every situation. Most people are not strong enough mentally so they still rely on outside opinions. This doesn’t get you much of what you want. Just what “they” think you want.

Learn to be stern. You don’t have to be rude. You don’t have to go crazy. Just make sure that the decisions you make are finalized by you, and you only. Don’t do the group thing, sitting around debating. Remember you’re surrounded by people who can barely decide what outfit to wear for the day. Imagine the instability and rockiness of them trying to pick a college, or buying a house for the for the first time.

Decision making is the essence of how we live. When we decide on the next thing, your life can continue. Any second guessing delays your legacy.

Make the decision now

Decide right now how you’re going to live the rest of your life. Figure out this instant, who you’re going to be, what you’re going to do, how much impact you want to create.

Once you decide, START! Stop putting your life on hold. What you want and what you don’t want is not coming any sooner than you need it to come, so quit half-ass doing things.