When Ice water becomes the enemy


This is what pisses me off about americans the most! We follow. We rarely ever set trends. We rarely ever lead by example.

Instead of “hey lets put our wallets together and compete with another group, brave enough to raise money for a great cause and save some lives…

It became (and will continue to be)…

“Water is free, and fun. Let’s pour some (mixed with ice) on our heads. We’ll say it’s a challenge and for ALS (something we most likely no nothing about and can’t even spell without looking on google), that way people won’t think we’re idiots. At the end or beginning of the video (the bucket pouring is always the middle) we’ll say the people who decide not to be as stupid as us will have to DONATE (that word is supposed to negate this moronic idea) $100 dollars (an amount that makes a huge different between keeping your lights on or off and a pair of really cheap jordans. Therefore being completely affordable to most who challenge other “competitors”). The best part is we won’t have to donate actual money out of our sneaker or light bill money because the video was worth $100. Right!?”

2014: It’s cool to ignore people that are dying and in real pain. It’s hip to promote a cause never to donate even a cent to make things better.

Newsflash: your videos did not wire money to the accounts of people dying of or suffering from this actual illness.

My questions to you: Does this make you feel good?

This brought you some attention right (maybe 5 more likes or retweets than you usually get) ?

Oh okay. Makes a lot more sense now.
Don’t they call this a publicity stunt?

You say you’re not a celebrity (even better)?

My final question to you:

Why are you all so stupid?

Smoking mail man

It’s just a mail man smoking a cigarette right?


He’s making a statement. He is not of the normal mail delivery culture. He is in tune with the now. Pant legs rolled up, short blonde hair, black converses.

It means much more than you think. He is saying:

“hey I don’t go to a bunch of houses with white picket fences. There is more to me than you see from outside. I am a real person with honest and real answers to your idiotic questions about life as a modern mail man.

Yeah that’s it! I’m of the modern age. I know who macklemore and nicki minaj are. I listen to my iPod and not my cd player or mp3 player. I text most of the time.

I am not who you think I am. But I am somebody important, because if I stop working, you stop getting mail from somebody who knows why you are the way you are.”

-The Modern Mail Man.

Self, You, In-YOU-ition.

Easiest way to become more of yourself:

Completely ignore what you “think you’re supposed to do and or be. Just let your intuition guide you.

Meaning if it feels right to you: DO IT!

If it feels wrong or illegal to you: DON’T DO IT!

Stop looking around. Stop asking sooo many questions. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. It’s not always okay to be right.

Get messy. Make mistakes. LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES! Don’t be a moron and continue to make the exact same error time and time again. Look at why, how, where, and what caused this issues. (Not all of the “w’s were necessary there).

Intuition will get you far. Of course you want data to back you up. Figure that stuff out more so on your own. We often ask for too much. One day (a shit ton of days) in life you’ll have nobody on your left, right, in front of you or behind you, and even diagonally to look to and get confirmation.

Follow your inner compass.

The greatest version of you will begin to flourish.

Why do people try to save gas?

This would be like going to urinate and stopping half way through.

It has to come out, and gas has to be burned in order to get from point A to point B.

You can’t take the gas you didn’t use out of your tank, plop it on your dresser, and 3 years later when you get stranded somewhere, have it transported directly back into your tank.

What are you “saving” really? Nothing!

What you’re saying when you say things like “I have to try and save gas or make this gas last is: “I’m broke and don’t want my account in the red just to get to work tomorrow”. “I don’t really like you that much as a person so you being in my car is unnecessary”. “I just don’t feel like driving for anybody else but myself.”

But instead we say something as stupid as “saving gas”, or “I have to make this gas last”.

The gas runs out eventually, and so do your inner excuses.