There’s progress in pickiness

I don’t understand why people get so angry when you’re picky about how you live your life?
Is that not wrong?
Why do I have to settle?
Because you were afraid to speak up?
Because you decided to stay where you are instead of advancing on to something bigger and better.

The world truly tries to hold back the ones who want to burst through the flames and create real change for themselves and others.

If you’re tired of something, there is no shame in doing whatever it takes to change it and put yourself in a better position.
Life is supposed to be wonderful, full of happiness and excitement.
It’s not supposed to be depressing, difficult, and uncomfortable.
At least not uncomfortable every single day until you die.
Yes there is greatness in learning to be uncomfortable which I have learned from seth, but there also need to be plenty of times in complete comfort.

We all need pockets of extreme delight, which requires you to push beyond settling for what the last guy left you.

Go above and beyond if it bothers you to deal with what is already there.

You’re allowed to be great.
Don’t let anyone stop you.

Age? What’s that?

How old you are means nothing.

So many people complain about or use their age as a crutch to be less than. In 2014 and beyond 20 something’s act 30. 30 something’s act 40. 40 something’s act 50. And 50 something’s act 80!!!!!

Guess what? You’re afraid. Stop making excuses just to be lazy. No it’s not too late. Yes you can regain your energy, strength, and mental capacity.

No age is too old when it comes to greatness. The most important different between younger and older people is when you’re older, you know more today which gives you a head start tomorrow.

To all of you lazy people out there, stop acting like getting old is the end of the world and figure out how to regain your prime or create your own new prime within yourself and make some more dreams come true.

No age is too late.

Not as important as how you finish

When it comes to how you start almost anything:

Start fast.
Start slow.
Make a lot of money first time around.
Lose every penny on the first go-around.
Say the wrong thing.
Trip and fall.
Be charming.
Be afraid.
Get a 55% out of 100%.
Scribble frantically on the canvas.

All of this is acceptable on your very first try.
How to finish matters more.
How you finish matters most.

Let the last of you be the best of you, and don’t confuse this post with not putting forth a good enough effort until it’s too late.

Career talk

I believe in being able to change hats so to speak. Sticking with one job is career suicide. Of course you don’t want to spread yourself too thin.

If you find yourself stuck in one career for too long be aware and make a switch. For starters if you feel “stuck” in anything you need to let go of it right away and find true bliss.

As far as your career is concerned just don’t be a one trick pony. Make sure there is always a side project with lots of potential being worked on and seen all of the way through to fruition.


Because everything loses it’s value eventually. Everyone can be replaced for someone less talented and cheaper. Every industry has it’s ups and downs. Don’t be the first or last to be laid off. Put yourself in the position to be too valuable to bet against.

Don’t do it just for the hell of it

Don’t just do things or work for companies just because. Don’t add something to your life because it’s the new trend. No. Don’t ever do that.

Engage with everything you love. Give in to the things that motivate you to keep pushing. Invest in your passions completely. Give your heart to the things that matter most to you.

It is sinful to do what is not meant for you to do.
You know that feeling you get when something is not right. Stay far away from that feeling.

Follow the excitement that is, whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s your career path, an intimate relationship, a friendship, business partner, or living situation. If you don’t like it, get put of it.

Go to where you want to stay forever. (If that makes sense).
If it doesn’t make sense: stop putting up with bullshit. If you can’t see yourself in that specific moment or situation years from now, push to do the exciting stuff.

Waiting for work or working while waiting?

The fastest way to success is realizing that there is no fast route. You either put in your 10,00 hours or you sit around wondering why. Why you never made it. Why you never got your big break.

When you want something major, something so big, or so fulfilling to you, timing is the everything. You might not be fully prepared from a mental or emotional point of view. Maybe you’ve got the spiritual part down but you still lack the finances. The wait must go on until everything is as closely lined up as it is going to be when your moment arrives.

While you’re waiting: WORK YOUR ASS OFF!!!
The universe does not respect slackers in any way.

Is it fair, unfair or are you just lazy?

When you look. I mean when you truly step back and look out in the distance, there are tons of opportunities for you to do something great. We all truly have the same exact shot at prosperity. The schools have not changed, the entertainment industry is a little more saturated, and consumers shops a lot more.

The big change is capacity or space. There is a higher capacity of individuals trying to say hi to the world. As far as special clubs, or being born rich, being young or old, it’s all equal. Maybe not always at the exact time when you want it to be but we all hit the same levels.

We at least start on the same level.

Those who miss out, and never become, are those who lack. They are lazy. Yes that is the best way to describe it, but of course you can go into details.

They lack financial backing, education, had no father, loss their mother, moved to a ghost town, went to private school, woke up late, didn’t get the memo, don’t know anybody in their neighborhood, haven’t had time to prepare. Don’t care, procrastinate, etc.

We can all make excuse after excuse. The only thing that does is give us a mental explanation as to why we’re not willing to do the dirty work. Being rejected is no fun so the less we get rejected, the better off we are. Funny thing is, the exact opposite is true.

Go through it. Lose a shit ton of money on a deal (not on purpose of course). Fall on your face. Put in 200 applications, get no callbacks. Give your all to a greater cause and have it not end the way you wanted to.

You’ll be hurt. You’ll want to scream. You’ll second guess your life’s purpose. More important, you’ll be one step closer to your dream every time you decide to keep going.