Originality is being yourself at all times no matter what is going on around you. Never following trends. Never looking at what they are wearing, or thinking about. Being original is being brave. Originality is 1 of 1.

Unfortunately we live in a time where everything is copied. Yes a lot of things have already been done before. Yes that makes innovating that much harder. No that doesn’t mean you should just fall in line. Get creative. Get bold. Push for something never heard before, seen before, or experienced before.

So what if it worked for that person. It doesn’t mean it will work for you. Live the way you want to live. Not like everybody else.

You have it, now use it!

Don’t let anyone steal your creativity away from you. The power you possess is real and can take you places you’ve never thought you would be. This is the energy you need to focus on during the best of times and the absolute worst of times.

You are a magical specimen. You have special traits, powers, and gifts. Now is the time to use them for good. Stop being afraid of your own potential. It’s okay to be powerful beyond measure. Just make sure you help others with it in some way after you take care of yourself.

Why Woman Should Lean In

This book is amazing!
It’s written more so for woman especially ones going to or graduating college but It helped me fix my perspective.

The book discusses feminism and sexism within the work place and how men should also take a larger part in their children’s everyday lives (cleaning, cooking, rides to school etc.).

It emphasizes that woman are just as intellectually and physically capable of accomplishing great things.

Sheryl Sandberg talks about how woman need to stop doubting themselves.

She advices that more woman should speak up and ask for pay raises and more advanced positions.

She says woman should be allowed, able and capable of “sitting at the table”.

I completely agree. We do need more woman in power. Why not? Men have ruled the world for all of existence. Why not have someone just as qualified that smells even better running things?

😊 We all need a fair shot at life its 2014!
Ladies lets go!!!!!!!!!! 👩👧👸👵🙆🙅💁👯💁🙋💆💇👰🙎🙍🙍👠👗👙💄

If you see a bunch of boxes above it’s because I inserted a bunch of feminine iphone emoji’s to further emphasis my support of this on going topic. Thanks for listening. Share this post with at least one woman you care about. It might spark her inner lion.


Don’t be the CEO that…

Hold their employees back.
Doesn’t consider others suggestions.
Fires people for trying.
Is afraid of change.
Follows every rules and stipulation.
Allows customers to control the outcome.
Tightens the yearly budget.
Lays off when it’s time to innovate.
Sticks with what works.

Be one that limitless. In pursuit of constant change and new ideas. Willing to level with people. Be one that remembers what’s like to be just a customer and employee.
Be one that is not led by fear.

The path is all over the place

The path to your success is not set in stone. Anything can happen at any point in time. Your job is not to pout every time something bad happens. Your job is to stay focused on your goals regardless of which way the wind blows.

Even though we think we can make it all happen in chronological order, that won’t always be the case. The only thing we can truly control is ourselves. Set the goals, fight for the deadlines, and let the rest do what it is supposed to do.

Think futuristically, but work in the present.

Things that don’t work in your favor…

Blaming others.
Looking for the easy way out.
Fear paralysis.
Hiding behind your own shadow.
Asking others to do it for you.
Thinking you need permission.
Settling for mediocrity.

Cut this behavior off immediately.
When you do, opportunities will shine right through.

Be self sufficient.
Self aware.

Whatever you do, don’t mix these two lists. Be one or the other. You can figure out which one is the better of the two.