More stuff for what?

We all hoard things in our lives, whether we know it or not.

We hoard thoughts, ideas, clothing, furniture, technology, real estate, etc.

And for what? Just to say we have it like that?
Is stuff really a right of passage going into 2015?

Is stuff what creates us, makes us who we are?


But we continue to think so.

We only use but a few things over and over. Getting rid of everything else though, feels like death in an odd way. Why? Because the world made us believe that materialism truly matters. The world pushed it on us enough to think that, the more stuff we have, the better off we are.

This just doesn’t make sense. Unless you can literally carry everything you’ve ever owned or own now with you wherever you go, why keep buying it?

Habitual behavior is why.
Sneaky programming is why.
Us as people not paying enough attention is why.

Get rid of some crap and embrace the new space.

We don’t need more than half of what we actually have.

Holiday thinking

What companies want from us: to buy everything at the highest prices possible.

What we need to do: buy ONLY what we absolutely need.

Binge shopping is a drug. If we only focused on the essentials, not only would companies have to adjust and treat customers better, but we’d also be a lot richer both financially, and spiritually.

Get creative regardless

Creativity is always. It can’t be stopped and never should be.
Looking around is all it takes to fire it up and get you going.

Like Seth says, (paraphrasing) you shouldn’t need “motivation” to create.

Just put in the work everyday and never miss a day. You’ll find that you are full of creative ideas. Creating is also believing that you have more in you.

Don’t ignore your passions

You know that thing you always think a out if no rules existed?
Remember that idea that gave you butterflies every time you were about to engage with it?
You know how you always go to that same specific subject in conversation when someone asks your opinion?

Yeah, that thing. This is the thing you need to invest your energy in.
Stop pretending you don’t need it or want it. You are supposed to be passionate about this. Give it more time.