Same ol same no.

Sometimes you have to switch up your routine. Doing the same exact thing every single day gives you no reason to look forward to tomorrow.

Go to that burger joint.
Take a jog through that promising trail.
Finish all of your homework a week before it’s due, instead of sunday the day before it’s due.
Hug someone you never hugged before.
Forget to pack a lunch and figure out what the vending machine will bring you.

Whatever you do, just switch it up every now and than. Your neurons will thank you and things will seem a bit more interesting.

Stop with the “what do you think?” Non-sense

Not every decision you make needs to go through a friends first.

Stop relying on the opinions that ultimately don’t matter.

What you think about your daily, monthly, and yearly decisions is what’s most important.
Rally when you ask others for advice, you are just curving your own intuitive desires.

Of course there are exceptions, (essay format, new on the job, stranded somewhere) but overall, it’s always up to you to decide what you’re going to do with your life and time, so stop asking so many questions.

Keep going

When you’re so tired to the point that life just blurs together, you have to remember why you began your journey.

Look ahead and think about what’s at the end or on the other side of the pain, hardships, and sweat.
The feeling of accomplishment, might be why you got started. Some of you are motivated by money. Others by their family.

Regardless think about the end goal when things seems to be as shitty as a farm full of cows.

Too often we think about how much further we have to go. Scratch that!
Look at how far you’ve already come, and what’s in store once you finish. This way you’ll always learn to fight another day.

They don’t have to believe, YOU DO!

If you know people that are not supportive of your dreams and aspirations, remove them from your life immediately.
There will always be those people that tell you exactly why you can not do something. They will have every solution as to why it just won’t work out.
These people are not your friends. They don’t care about you. They are irritated that you are having success finding your own way.
Screw them!