Plans, setting things up, strategies? Overrated (at times).

The best strategy might be to not have a strategy at all. Maybe it’s just better for you to explore life on all levels. Win, lose, jump, fly, run, walk. Smell the roses. Be active. Be inactive. Just try things out until something feels good. Never stop innovating though.

Change is a must over time. Things get dull, and uninteresting when they become the normal routine. Always add something to give it a different vibe. Test the waters constantly. Stop letting be the paralysis. Let fear be the compass. Where there is fear is probably where you should be innovating and charging forward, since that’s likely where most of the change is.

Have fun with it, and don’t blame others.

To stay afloat, stay in your boat

The easiest (most difficult) way to stay ahead and on top in any industry is by being consistent. Adding a little or a lot of innovation in between helps as well. Anything less will get you knocked out of the top spot or the potential to be put in that top spot.

Even when things seem slow and boring you’ve got to keep delivering on your promises. Otherwise the world forgets about you and gives their attention to the next skilled competitor.

Insomnia, mixed with reality

Sometimes I just want to sit and cry:

About my “struggle”, my life, my skin color, my hair type, my body, my goals, my abilities, my insecurities, my blessings, my fears, my family, my friends, my job, my money, my ideas, my reasons to live, my progress, my past, my future, the unknown, the known, and a lot of other things……

But than I think….. “I don’t have time for this shit.”

In reality I don’t give myself time to become vulnerable and helpless.

I always feel like when I stop, the world stops. More so my world.

I’m selfish with selfless desires, afraid to give too much in fear of everyone taking, and than taking advantage.

Fear is the enemy.

(Shoulders) (insert your tears).

Kind of like jeopardy but better

If you want a bigger safety net, enhance your skills, and know the right information. Survival is based on what you already know, what you already can do, and what you can attempt to do. Information in your brain is collected, and filtered through. It keeps what will get you to the next step, and discards the rest.

If you’ve managed to collect and store enough of the right information, it creates clues and puzzle pieces. These pieces are the key to solving any and every problem you have or had. If you can’t seem to solve a certain problem, it’s because you have not absorbed the missing info.

Simple example: people lose money because they don’t know enough about it.

The right info can save you from almost any crisis.