Here we go again with more marketing troubles!

I noticed now that the new year is here to stay, so are lousy ass marketing tactics. 

All of a sudden someone gave the internet companies permission to have stupid pop-ups on damn near every website. Some are even about winning ipads and what not. This is a tragedy of our time. Why in the world would you randomly show up somewhere that you’re not welcome, invited, or a place where there is not even enough room for you or your stuff? 

These pop-ups are random, with no good intentions behind them, and they take up a large part of the screen (fucking annoying!).

Attention all companies who sign up to be on this pop-up ad list: BE MORE CREATIVE! Go places where you know there is room for you. The passionate cook looking to be inspired before making her next meal does not give a shit about plum perfect lipstick. 

It’s very tacky and unprofessional. This type of marketing gives every company (even great ones like Apple) a really bad look. Makes them look desperate to gain new customers. 

Create interesting ways to get people talking about you. Don’t just show up unannounced. 


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