What is innovation?

Innovation is creating the new.
Innovation specific design.
Innovation is patience.
Innovation is shunned.
Innovation is exploration.
Innovation is timeless.
Innovation is mesmerizing.
Innovation is rewarded.
Innovation is forward thinking combined with action.
Innovation is the key to change.
Innovation is intimidating.
Innovation is the new “normal”.
Innovation is revolutionary.

If innovation is all of this and more why do we still continue to shy away from it?

Because of the unknown factors?
Because of how many mistakes we make to get to the actual innovation.
Because others don’t believe like we do.
Because anything that makes people work beyond minimum effort is shunned.
Because people are afraid to say “I did it!”
Because the responsibility “seems” too great.
Because we were never taught to embrace change.

In 2013 and beyond innovation equals growth. This world will continue to grow based off of change and innovation (which the two are almost synonymous at this point). Lose the fear and change gears.


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