The wrong people are listening.

This is the era of the internet and having a louder voice, yet the wrong people keep getting a microphone.
We don’t need or want pointless information being absorbed into our minds. We need the people of a higher intellect to open up and branch out. We need the real go-getters and dreamers to put their lives on the line. It’s seems like usually the people who should be heard, the ones with something important to say or give don’t think it’s necessary to contribute to the chaotic world.

Their logic is they won’t be heard. People will ridicule them. Nobody will lay attention. They are lazy. They would rather make 1,000 more excuses.

The important people, the ones who can actually change things need to be the ones making the most noise. Unfortunately they lack belief in themselves.


Build a website or start a blog.
Find out what bothers you and can be, or needs to be fixed in your industry or area of expertise.
Teach people using that medium.
Never miss a day.

The right people will show up and listen. Some will even help you push your cause or issue.
Take care of those people.


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