Is this you?

So I went out to eat yesterday. The place we went to was incredibly packed. We waited about an hour before our buzzer went off. The line was so long that even after we were seated there were still people standing up waiting.

What was the big deal? Why stand the entire time when you can eat and watch the fight in the comfort of your own home?
Did those people standing not know they could order the fight at home? Did they not think there were hundreds of other places to eat? Were they paid to stand there?

What made them stay?
Probably everyone that was sitting down and the build up of the story. Similar to Seth Godin’s view. What they would be able to tell their other friends afterwards would make it sound interesting (at least to them).

“There were so many people that we never got a seat so we stood the whole time.”

Restaurants are for eating. Not watching sports events. Was I guilty of watching the fight there like everyone else? Yes. I also had barely eaten that day. They added that tv part. It wasn’t like this many moons ago. But because of the televisions, people stand like morons, just to say they stood because that’s how awesome a place was.

For a fight on pay per view that they most likely would never have watched before that restaurant existed.
It’s a tribe thing.
A “let me fit in so I don’t stand out thing.”
A “well everybody else is doing it so…” thing.

It’s always strange to me how we react in certain social situations. Often as if we are controlled by what the others around us do.


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