2 of my most recent riffs that possibly might turn into my next book.

I had talk with a long time friend an he talked about “selling his soul.”

Here were my responses:

Money has nothing to do with the actual loss of your soul. That my friend is a spiritual transaction. Externally of course you assume money will arrive right after but most forget…..the work still has to be put in which you know already. But yeah stop slacking and build some wealth fool!

Second riff:

We’ve all sold our souls to this idea called currency. Why do you think we go to work everyday? Money. Which does not really exist in the form we believe it does. Why do you think religion still exist and matters so much?

Because people like us are looking for a “way out” because we realize that we have sold out to 9 to 5’s or materialism. Religion is a save haven and a psychological peace route for the mind and spirit to shut off all temptation and desires of selling out on an even higher level.

The god or gods (debatable to everyone who believes in something) help pull is away from “stuff” in the form of cars clothes, hormones, cheating, entertainment toys, affluence etc. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but we’ve believed in going to work to pay invisible bills so souls will forever be sold.

If people both religious and atheist really believed that they were selling their souls and wanted to opt out the world would morph together and stop shopping, give up houses and cars, quit their jobs and live out in nature building homes out of natural resources and using gardening as currency and nourishment. BUUUTTTT materialism and consumerism is at an all time high and we’re all in too deep. Too comfortable with “things” that don’t really help us. They just hide us from our real selves. And honestly this might be the book I’ve been wanting to write for the last 2 years. Fuck!


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