Media And Society: Journal 1, Chapter 1.

Looking at media today and many years ago there has been a huge shift in the way it affects us both negatively and positively. In terms of mass media and mass marketing, it’s everywhere. Whether you are walking down the street, or reading a magazine, companies are always trying to relay a message to consumers to buy more stuff. I’m constantly reminded why I should buy the newest gadget, vehicle, or watch the latest television show. Mass media occurs 24 hours a day, 365 days a years.

Escaping mass media, is like trying to walk on water. As my professor has explained it, trying to avoid mass media altogether is part of you being controlled by it. If you look at it from a positive stand point, the world has become much smaller, via the web and technology. You can contact people from all over the world, ship products across thousands of miles on short notice, and interact with just about the entire world a lot faster than you could 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Today it is nearly instant that your message can be relayed to another person regardless of how far they are.

For corporate, as well independent businesses, this is very beneficial in terms of working with international vendors and tight deadlines. As well as being able to communicate with those in higher places. Of course there are negatives to this new information age. For instance, in chapter one of Media & Culture (Campbell, Martin, Fabos, 2014, Bedford/St. Martin’s) the first piece of mass media affects on society is shown through the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012. In class we discussed how mass media has given us the power, and ability to be able to ask candidates questions online about certain political issues.

Many years ago this type of behavior was unheard of, but thanks to the internet, and the continuing old ways of mass marketing, and media, we now have power we once could only imagine. Because of things, like Twitter and Facebook, anonymous people now have an opinion that can be heard by millions of people if it becomes viral in a sense. We all have our own person channels, or television shows, if you will. Here we can say whatever we want without much consequence. This high power of opinions on practically any public or private matter, has bred a ton of ignorance among our culture. 

If none of these mediums existed, we as american citizens would have to do proper research, on the products we purchased, and the presidents we voted for. We would be forced to become a lot more educated and or informed about our everyday decisions, instead of having the freedom of instant gratification. True ignorance of any subject would be at a much lower percentage without the amplification of the web, and devices like smart phones and tablets, that can be constantly updated with the latest in today’s news, fads, and entertainment attractions. 

In conclusion I feel that society will forever be fixated on the here and now, without properly introducing themselves to ideas that are broadcasted through mass media. Too often we are satisfied with what we see and here online in terms of daily news which spreads through social media, and word of mouth. Research, and being knowledgeable on historic times, or what’s current is becoming a thing of the past, because checking twitter, facebook, instagram, or some anonymous blog is faster, than doing the work yourself. 


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