Video gaming and violence: Journal 2, Chapter 2

In chapter 2 we discussed video gaming and its effects on young children as well as adults. The focus was whether or not, violent games cause children and or adults to become violent in real life. The focus was young children. In my own words I believe that violent games are not the cause of a violent child. The number one factor in my opinion is environment. Regardless of your parenting skills, how and where the child grows up is a major contributor to their behavior later in life. The type of education they receive, financial status, number of people living in the home, the specific location etc. The next important piece of influence would be parenting. I know I just mentioned parenting as not being superior to environment, but it’s the next biggest catalyst or positive influence on a child’s behavior.

Most kids that are too young to buy video games, ask parents. If the parent declines their request, eventually that child will become friends with, a gamer, or visit younger family members, like cousins, that are gamers. This is where parenting gets a bit out of reach, because you already said no to a game your kid wanted, but your brother or sister might not feel the same when it comes to their kids. The child is than within another environment, and therefore unable to ignore the outside influences of others addictions, and hobbies. You also have to take into account, how the other children your child interacts with, behave. This has drastic effects on your kid mentally, and physically. 

On the other hand there could biological circumstances that effect your child’s addiction to video gaming, or violence, or even a combination of the two. Here it is completely uncontrollable when first discovered. There could be a slight chemical imbalance that needs medical and profession attention. Which of course than you can help sustain healthier activity with your child. 

Overall it seems that video gaming has become so massive that your children can no longer escape its influence. As far as the influence of violent acts, that is a combination of environmental settings, biological functions, and parenting skills. So when you really take a good look at the idea of violent gaming causing violent acts within young children, no one influence, is more powerful or encouraging than the other. At some point in a child’s life, they will travel, consume, think, and be taught in many different forms, what is both right and wrong. The world will than perceive that child’s behavior as such. In simple english I don’t feel violent video games make children or even adults violent, but a collective or combination of their hobbies, traveling schedules, and upbringing  that play an important factor. 


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