The MJ effect? Or Misinterpreted white privilege?

So I was brushing my teeth this morning and suddenly I found myself irritated over thoughts.

The topic of discussion: rappers and white privilege.

There was a specific rapper that recently that spazzed out, because she thought another rapper was only becoming very successful because she was “white”. She went on to bring up another rapper who has had massive success and she attributes it entirely to them being white.

Keep in mind this person is not even as popular amongst her “own kind”. Anyway, her and some others believe that white rappers are taking away the art of hip-hop. Using it for the wrong reasons and not “knowing” what it stemmed from in the beginning.

So I thought about how most of america is white. Most rappers are black. That’s the first issue.

Black rappers tend to brag about what they have, which is very little in the grand scheme of things in most cases.

White rappers are much less braggadocios. On top of that they look more like the people who go out and buy their records which is why they buy them in the first place.

Than I thought about Michael Jackson. Had he never bleach his skin, (or had what he said was a disease of the skin) would he have still became the greatest musician of all time? (Debatable for some).

Let’s think about foreign countries for a second. MJ was adored both in the states and overseas, but how many of those from other countries knew he was african american? And if they knew way before would this have decreased his number of album sales or disregarded his incredible contribution to music as a whole?

How many people really knew MJ was black outside of america?

I personally think It would have changed things at least in a slight way. (The butterfly effect).

What are your thought on the topic of discussion?


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