Sexism in entertainment. Journal 3, Chapter 4.

In hip-hop sex sells. In the entertainment industry period, sex is appealing. What woman fail to take into account is that they are objectifying themselves trying to show how sexy they are.

They dance around in revealing clothing with the purpose of saying to younger woman: “you can be independent and successful, and look good while doing it!”
But really they are contradicting themselves with such behavior. Take sex out of the equation and you might be getting somewhere.

If a larger group of female entertainers banned together and became conservative in their approach, viewers (male in particular) would have to eventually respect it. Of course there is pornography for men to go to if all else fails, which is why it’s a never ending battle for woman in terms of earning and getting respect, vs objectification, and looking like pieces of sexual equipment to viewers alike.

They fail to understand that by using ANY sexual gestures or references, even in the slightest (eye gaze or wink) they shoot themselves in foot every time. We as a society have given the word “sexy” a very provocative meaning. For this to be undone, it will take many generations of conservatives to step up and lead by example, in both entertainment and business.

Music videos are all about getting viewers, which encourages sexual acts and gestures, on account of record execs, video directors, and now the masses, or consumer.


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