My experience speaking out loud to people.

So I’ve given two critiqued speeches recently, and have not found much success. Not because of nerves, or a phobia of public speaking. The reason is structure. 

I feel as though I’d sound like a robot if I follow the standard of public speaking (according to a college course). Therefore I give speeches more in a conversational manner causing me to leave out exactly what my main points are. 

I used to get caught up in the idea of becoming a public speakers because of my favorite speaker, Eric Thomas. It was the not me truly wanting to speak publicly but the idea of how good Eric Thomas was, and the excitement he brought to his presentations. 

I made the same mistakes in both of my critiqued speeches, and don’t feel emergized after speaking publicly so I think this is a dream that will never come to fruition for me since I don’t feel the passion carries over. 


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