Chapter 9, Journal 9 Magazine Specialization 

As discussed in class magazines might struggle a bit due to the increased pressure of the information age. But of course baby boomers and enthusiasts alike still enjoy the pleasures of a good ol phyiscal magazine in hand. The euphoria, the experience is what is most important, compared to the price we pay for magazines, knowing online we can practically read everything for free, in a sense. 

Ad agencies/companies will always keep magazines in business because of how far magazines can travel or their demographic and geographical reach. Also, the idea of celebrity is still one of the most effective yet misrepresentations of successful advertising. 

Uninformed or rookie ad agents and or pr firms will be more keen to the idea of magazine ads, and seasoned veterans will have a better understanding of their niche market, demographics, as well as logistics etc. The veterans have more credibility and better relationships with magazine editors, producers, writers, models, etc. Therefore they will be the heart and soul of keeping magazines alive. 

Companies in between will be online and in print, but of course leaning more towards the digital age. So all in all, I believe magazines will continue to have solid shelf life (pun intended). HA! 


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