Traditions getting sh@tted on. Journal 10, Chapter 10.

Here’s the catch-22 with digital books: easy to buy, save and travel with from place to place. Which is all good. What’s bad is, it hurts writers, publishers, and traditional brick and motar book stores. 

No matter what happens now and in the future, the information age is upon us and in full effect. Barely scratching the surface. Now publishing companies have to re-strategize and figure out new ways to sell their books, which some have already done. 

Just like the music industry was once perfect, as too was the book pulblishing industry. As the iPod and iTunes changed the game, so has e-readers, and digital book hubs, and sites like 

However I do believe thee will ALWAYS be physical books available, on some medium. Of course I think the number of physical copies will decrease significantly, but there won’t be a complete wipe put of them. Not in this lifetime atleast. 

I also ageee that digital book sales will continue to increase, while the rate of speed at which the digital copies sale will vary slightly and go through dips. Which leaves physical copies to enventually decay altogether in the coming decades. 


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