What have we done!? 

Finishing my final project for Media and Society and damn. The information age has engulfed most, if not all of us. 

It’s very sad to see that we have become a copy cat society. But now roles are reversed as the celebrity is mimicking the everyday person instead of the latter. 

I wonder how much deeper we will plummet into the black hole of technology? 

I remember when I had to walk to a friends house and knock on their door, the excitement was not knowing whether they were home or not since cell phones were still in the development stages at the time (compared to how advance they are now). 

Now we seem to think digital friendships is something normal. 

Even honesty has shifted outside of gadgets and virtual popularity. 

Essentially we’re all yelling at the same time and we can’t really hear each other. The rule of thumb seems to be walking towards the first scream you can make out. 

I had more fun when technology was not the cornerstone of EVERY single transaction. 


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