Too much work, not enough play. 

Society’s problem is not that we don’t want to operate at our most optimum levels. It’s not that we don’t want to be healthy. 

It’s society’s constant definition of hard work and success. Success is often seen as something you have to lose tons of sleep over, while guzzling caffinated drinks, going days, months, and even years without a vacation. 

The school system is just as bad. College doesn’t work around peoplems schedules. It’s the complete opposite. They expect high gpa’s and for you to have enough money left after bills to pay for books and tuition. Not to mention, homework. 

We live in a work-horse society. 

We need peace. We need rest. We need to be still. 

The issue is, it’s been so ingraved in us to become workaholics in order to keep up that going any other route seems too slow, or like we’re going backwards.

Sad but true. 


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