Make-up is the devil

I’ve never known the origin of make-up, but I question it’s purpose. 

It is used to cover things up. 

Why on earth would you want to cover up what was natrually given to you? 

You must be insecure, or unsure of yourself. Ashamed of the real you? 

I think make-up is the biggest rip off since pyramid schemes. It tells us to be sfraid of our truest selves. It promotes fabricating the truth. Make-up says hide from all who look your way. 

I just don’t get how it helps in the grand scheme of things. 

Lotion on your face? Sure. Dry skin is painful. But chemicals that enhance your beauty to the point where you look like another person when you wipe it off, is not cool at all. 

I feel make-up is a huge reason so many females are insecure. Girls don’t care as much about beauty ehnacing until make-up is introduced to them. 

It’s all very sad. 


4 thoughts on “Make-up is the devil

  1. Well, why would you get braces? The teeth you were born with were naturally given to you? Why do we where clothes if we were all born naked? Why do we shower , and wash away our NATURAL oils? Why do we all take medicine if we were naturally born to get headaches, and get sick? It’s just natural right? If makeup is the devil because it takes away our natural beauty, doesn’t that mean braces are the devil, because it changes the our natural teeth we were born with? Or how about clothes? We were all born naturally naked, so does that mean the clothes on our body is the devil? Think about all these things before you go around offending others.

    • That’s the thing too, since the advancement of the 21st century, technology, social media, high end fashion, fancy cars etc, we have all been able to hide behind something. It’s pretty alarming to think about. Yes the concept of applying make-up can be seen as an art form to those passionate enough about it, just always puzzled me why it’s so normal now. But so is social media, and looking down at a screen in your hand all day. It seems as though the more advanced we become, the more we build “cover-ups” to lifes simple and most complex issues. I understand the idea of convenience, and experimentation, but the human race seems to go overboard with whatever is trending, and new and that can essentially “make life easier”. It’s sad to think about but I too am a part of the problem. And my post was me at least putting the issue on the table or a piece of it in the form of an opinion. I never liked the idea of woman wearing make-up. Not even as a child. I’ve always loved pure beauty.

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