Let the world rejoice! 

I’m not a fan of “gay bashers”. Let niggas live and love how they want. 

We were not created to all believe in the same exact things. What if someone’s religion was against people being straight? 

Would you not think that was the craziest thing on earth to not be able to be who you feel you are truly meant to be? 

What if being straight was considered bad or a sin to some people you knew and they frowned upon you and talked about how you can be “fixed”.

Every individual on the planet needs to experience real love in some form or fashion, wether it be through a significant other, art, music, community service, or being a parent or child. 

Not being able to love on any level is what should be frowned upon. We all have internal desires and biological designs that can not be ignored. 

What you feel is what you are. Be okay with the people around you being completely opposite of you or live the most judgmental, condescending, life you can live. 

Everyones struggle is different. Everybody’s walk with the supreme being is completely different. How dare we frown upon those who wear different shoes in order to get done the will and or purpose that is given to them from the beginning of their existence.

By the end of life WE ALL WANT THE SAME EXACT SHIT!!!!! 

We have more in common than we all think. 

If you’re going to be a dick (religious or not) try doing it internally. 

Words hurt some more than others. 







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