I’m not the only one right?

Have you ever found yourself about to read a book, listen to a song, watch a movie or have a conversation with someone, and you feel like you already know what they are about to say?

Did you ever feel like within 10 guesses you could crack the code of any one thing in life before it happens? 

Not in a sense of fortune telling or mind reading. No. More like pattern-adaptation. 

Our entire lives consists of patterns. The way we eat, the climate change in weather, the school system, your duties at work. It’s all one giant loop.

The problem with a bulk of individuals is not trying hard enough to go left. Saying something that is not necessarily unheard of but could not be guessed within 1,000 guesses as opposed to a mere 10. 

We love the things that seems fresh, yet live as though everything is just another rerun from last week. 

This to me is a base of all bordom. Repetition, and habitual behavior that is. 


2 thoughts on “I’m not the only one right?

  1. Agreed, familiarity breeds contempt. so what do you recommend we do to bust out of boredom and reboot? I’m working on that – turning habits into result rituals. A little of it every day to get where I want to go.

    • Experience others ideas and cultures. Whether it’s through traveling or simple conversation. Also a lot of reading goes a long way as far as opening up your mind. You don’t want to keep the same style of thinking your entire life. That’s the recipe for destruction and disaster. And good keep working on it!

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