That precious moment. 

Here’s the scary yet fun part of it all: 

We all literally start with zero! You go from parents having sex, to a sperm cell, to morphing into a zygote, embryo, fetus, etc. Until you are fully functioning as a baby, toddler, adolescent, teenager, young adult, middle aged adult, and an old fart.

So the fact that you have a phone that cost more than it should, and the ability to connect with tens of millions of people all over the internet, and in person is no setback. You have the advantage already. Over those who have yet to get started. The ones who are blind to the blessing of life will always be playing catch up.

Your opportunity is right in front of you. Stop making excuses and make magic. You should be thankful and eager to get to the next level. 

Whatever dream, whatever idea, belief, or goal, you have it in your hands. All it takes is a nudge and some motivation, to be everything you really want to be.



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