The struggle…

The scary thing about people coming to you for advice is the idea that they believe you are a certain type of way 24 hours a day. This of course is not the case. But there is a certain level of pressure that comes with advice giving or helping someone see things a bit more clearly. You have to actually do what you say, and not just say what you do. Integrity is important. Perhaps most important in this “line of work”. 

Than of course there’s the idea of perfection. You don’t want to come off as arrogant or a know it when helping others accomplish a goal, or manifesting a vision. You want to be somewhat vulnerable. 

They must know, yes I pick my nose sometimes, I curse, I write ugly, some people think I’m an idiot. What they also need to know is that you are just a human being, trying to get to a better place in life. You are just as flawed as the next person. The only difference is you are trying to learn from those flaws and whatever wins you experience, to teach a lesson of value to the person who has yet to experience real failure or success. 


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