American hypocracy as usual….

So I was sitting here casually having some asian cusine and it dawned on me: why do americans make fun of and even critize asian people for killing cats and dogs and using them as a source of food? 

Americans eat deer, fish, lobster, duck, swan, goat, cow, snail, shrimp, alligator, chicken, clam, and a shit ton of other animals. 

What is the difference? We are just as wrong. Both dogs and cows produce milk, have four legs, need food, shelter, and love in order to stay alive. So essentially they both function the same. Therefore cows are just as sacred right!? Yes right! 

Not to mention all of the other species we consume.

So why on earth do we mock other cultures for doing exactly what we do? 

We are probably way worse. 

Land of the free? More like land of the criticzing hypocrite. 


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