Movement sometimes distracts us…

As quickly as time moves you’d think people would learn how to better execute tasks. You’d think people for show more appreciation for what they have and who they have. We don’t really do that though. Because after a few days of a near death experience, or a really magical moment, the patterns come back to life. The everyday “struggle” becomes the norm again. We forget about how precious things were a week ago, or a year ago. Why? Because bills must be paid, mouths must be fed, and duties must be taken care of. 

This is still no reason to lose your gratitude. We moss out on the small things because of how fast we are going, trying to get to the big things. I know I’m not perfect so I’m guilty as well. Just imagine of we could find a way to remind ourselves of how great things really are all of the time. Imagine how much better our personal relationships would be.  


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