He asked for s dollar…

So this morning I saw a man ask everybody at the bus stop for a dollar. He was fully clothed and making awkward hand gestures. 

I declined his favor. He than moved on quickly but with people that looked less intimidating he seemed to give a longer explanation, maybe hoping they would just give in and give him that dollar so he could just leave. 

It put things in perspective for me. Scary. Not impossible to overcome, but I often think where did that homless or broke person go wrong? 

Did they lack work ethic? Were they mentally chanllenged? Did a fire destroy everything that they owned? Is he or she a bad person? 

As a child  the possibility  of ending up homeless adds up because their livelyhood is dependent upon what their parent or caregiver does. 

Adults getting to the point of homelessness puzzles me. You know what bills you have to pay, how much you need to make, that hard work and efficient work will breed success, and that nobody will save you but yourself. 

Yet and still some people let their circumstances get the best of them. Not even being able to live with a family if such a thing were to happen is also a bit odd, unless they are too far away or deceased. If not that must mean you lack some level of character and they don’t trust you enough. 

All in all make sure you do what you are supposed to and than do some more to make sure you never wind up homeless and lost. 

They say money is the root of all evil, but I beg to differ looking at a situation like this. Here money is the tool of all productivity and survival. 


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