The part we aren’t told about…(Until after it happens to someone else). 

 When someone just stares at us blankly after an enthusiastic sales pitch we’ve just given. 

When you can not physically see how far you’ve really come.

The part that depresses us. 

When we grow apart from the people we love most (and continue to do so on purpose).

When winning hurts as much as losing. 

When you no longer take friendship as seriously as you once did before. 

When you still can’t get it right. 

These are the parts that brave people go through (sometimes on a daily basis).

The parts that most people (you, thank god are not most people) are afraid of. Where most people quit forever. 

Is it the overly emotional approach that causes us to miss the signs early on in our pursuits? Possibly, but we never truly know until we’ve completed what’s next.  


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