Sometimes I get worked up…..

There is a huge difference between supportive and being a copy cat. This is trendy behavior (to change your fb profile picture to a French Flag). Yes a life lost is terrible but people do stuff strictly for the internet. For likes and for attention and it’s beyond contemptible.

Stop making it a race thing. It’s a human thing.
We all Laugh, we all cry, we all pray we all die. 

It’s not the united states of races. It’s the United States Of America. 

It’s not the World of Races. It’s the World.

The internet is the sole killer of all life that exist and we’re so addicted to the ability and to speak our minds and so attracted to the unlimited resources the internet brings we forget how stupid and lazy the internet is making us. 

Much love to the people that can use it and still maintain their intellect. But we’re still wrong for it too.

Do things because of who you are everyday. Not because other people will like or love you for it. 

Social opinion is the most overrated reality when it comes to the internet.


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