You know what my issue is? 

I think that work is the answer to every problem. 

If I’m sad I think I need to work more. 

When I seem happiest usually I’m working or thinking about the next exciting project or idea I can work on. 

When I argue with someone my goal is to hurry up and get back to work so I can feel “normal” (Fucking insane) again. 

When I’m not working in school work, I’m at my job working. 

If Im not at either of those places I’m thinking about them both.

Than I go to the gym and work my ass off like a world title is on the line unless I’m too drained from working and thinking about work.

While thinking about those things, I’m working on music or thinking about working on music. 

When that is not done physically I am studying success. I model, mimmick and obsess over the people who came before me and inspire me.

In between all of that I work on my writing. I’ve written a at least one blog post everyday for the past 2 maybe 3 years straight. Over 1,100 post and counting.

When I’m not doing that I’m studying fight film and trying to be more observant of certain movements. 

My solution to being tired: finding more energy so I can get back to work. 

When I suffer from mild insomnia my solution: think about how I could be working on an idea while wasting time laying in bed.

Do not ever adopt this way of living. It’s not ideal. It’s borderline insane.

One day I will learn to live, love and let go of the work without a mountain of self-guilt and anxiety weighing me down. 

The point being: I more than likely wrote this because 1). The thought would not go away. 2). Because I felt I was wasting too much time and not working on something important or something that seemed important. 


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