Math! How I hate you. 

You torment me. Make menconfused. Screw with my emotion. You don’t love me, you can’t stand me. I hate your formulas, I don’t like the way you stare at me on the page, so still, so sneaky, so mischievous. Ready to cause nothing bit trouble. You make me want to scream, cry, and run away from all of my problems. 

I never really understood you and always wondered why you hurt so many people. Maybe one day I will learn to understand you. Than maybe go as far as loving you, but I don’t know. The pain seems to be too much for me to get pass. 

How will I ever recover from what you continue to do to me. 

Or is it all my fault for not having an ulimited amount of time to study you, understand you, and truly grasps your concepts. Might be all of the above. 


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