What The Fuck Is A FaceBook?

“What the fuck is a FaceBook?”

Typing this via my computer is so weird and sad at the same time. Yes there is beauty in all of the new up and coming (as well as current) technology.

You can communicate a little faster, work more (essentially), and you are in control of a good 95-100% of thre content you create and distribute via Facebook​ and the internet. Reach people thousands of miles away at the click of a fucking button.

Talk to or get a response from your hero’s or people who most of us will never ever meet in person.

What does this all mean? I’m not sure, but I’d like to guess.

It means the end of old communicative transactions. It means no more landlines. It means no more dial tones. It means, “I’ll hit you up on the book” instead of saying, we’ll meet up and have a real-life, non-digital conversation like grown ass people, or imaginative ass kidds. It means the end of an era. It means we have definitely lost our fucking minds, if we think this is a better way to do business, live life, and communicate our ideas across the world.

This is why celebrity is still valid and always will be, You can only video stream concerts, and conferences, and live sporting events but so many times until you say to yourself “what the hell am I sitting on my couch, bed, or floor watching this for, when I can get up, and leave my house to see this in real life?

This is beyond insanity. There is a disgusting level of ignorance being displyed here on a daily basis. The risk? The intensity of this addiction we all have to spread further, but “communicate more” while those of us who come closer together, communicate less and push more buttons and screens. You catch my drift.

Yes to a certain degree we need technology to advamce our species, and improve industries, like manufacturing, medical, business, etc.

It’s fine to create more efficiency. What’s not fine is deligating nearly every task a human can delay via a tiny robotic piece of a equipment.

We lost a large chunk of humanity when we gained what seemed to be “one of the greatest inventions of all time” in the “smart phone”.

Where do as a country, as a community, and as a world go from here?

Unfortunately more devices, less physical encounters, and more social opinion and artificial validity via these miniature robotic devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.).

With that being said, I do sometimes (unfortunately not all of the time) miss the old days when I had to knock on my friends door to get his or her attention. Now They’re just a tweet, facebook message, ig tag, snap chat, or internet transaction away.

There is no more mystery. 


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