Come together…

Attention Minorities 😆: Over 50% of this country’s population is Caucasian American (HA!). 
So before you go on a “racist” rant look at the facts and the psychology of the situation. 😊

You gravitate towards what is familiar to you. Therefore if over 50% of people look a certain way of course they are going to stay close to each other when people that don’t look like them seem like a threat in any way (mentally, physically, financially etc).

It is completely up to you as a minority to grow up, get over it, and figure out how to embrace other cultures or at least learn things from them and adopt some of their lifestyle in terms of maybe business or finance or even daily habits. 

The only thing that is the exact same is the HUMAN RACE. People of different color are not aliens. They were taught to see others a certain way. If you refuse to show them that you are just like them in many many ways expect racism and classism and stereotyping to go on and on and on for the rest of our existence. 

Embrace what’s uncomfortable. 😊


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