Stop it Ye! (Includes slang) 

While I love Kanye I also find him irritating. No he did not make Taylor “famous” per say. 

She was up for video of the year or most iconic video. He simply interrupted her speech. 

Famous and popular artist (Taylor Swift in this case) was already famous, was already successful, was already wealthy, and a great artist. 

The world simply felt her pain, and we all wanted to slap kanye. Yes he might have raised her stock after disrespecting her years ago, but he did not make her “famous”.

And now calling her a bitch on your album and saying you’ll hit, and that it’s a term of endearment in hip-hop is the corniest excuse ever. 
She’s not black. Most of her fans are white female, and under 21. Therefore addressing her as such is ridiculous. She gives hope to a lot of young girls. 

How about someone calling north a bitch, and putting it in a rap song, saying it means something good? 

Again I love him but yooooo this man be tripping sometimes. 


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