To the passionate ones…

Over the years I’ve found that I’ve always been the most passionate person in every group or relationship. For years and years I’ve had to endure “you’re too hype”, “it’s not that serious”, “you need to chill man”, “what is wrong with you?”, “are you like this everyday?”. 

These comments and many others are so insulting to soul. At one point I literally thought I had a disorder and maybe I was the only one in denial of it, which was why friends, strangers or family thought I was too much (passionate).

I did some self awareness analysis and realized that were the crazy ones. Why? Because they didn’t live in the moment as well as I. They didn’t understand the magnitude of where we were and where we were headed at the time, like I.

I even disowned a lot of my friends and family for a good 5 years, in order to exude my passionate alone, fully and whole heartedly. I learned about, finance, life insurence, and the power of positive thinking. 

Today they no longer look at me (as if I’m crazy). They look TO me. For opinions, advice, and ideas, on just about any and everything. 

Why? Because they know I’m “crazy” (passionate) enough to give them pure and honest answer based on sound observation and market research. 

But at the end of it all, be passionate. Exude high energy if that’s who you are. Fuck holding back. 

Too many people are afraid of themselves and what they can accomplish. 

Well I’m no longer afraid because I was “crazy” (passionate) enough to pursue the highest level of homeostasis with the universe. 

Let your passion take over and tell everybody else to shut the hell up and move! 


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