Feeling the energy (Thank you). 

Although It never seems like it, and I always keep my poker face on, I am truly grateful. 

I appreciate the little things that family and friends do to show they love me or care, or just to say “I can see you”. 

I’m not the best at dropping everything and aiding another man or woman in their endeavors but I will always do my best to lead by some sort of example (positive or negative) to show these people that care about me, that it can be done, or what not to do. Whatever you want is already yours, as long as you work hard, work smart, and bless others with time, possessions, or knowledge of any kind along the way. 

Niether fight is my fight Saturday but I can tell you, I’ve been buzzing all fucking week. I’m just as ready as my guys are. 

Any dream, goal, or idea you can formulate clearly in your mind can manifest itself into your reality. But only if you want it for yourself more than anybody else wants it for you. 

It’s the end of a great fight week. 

Now lets GET IT!!!!! 


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