Fun night of fights. 

We had a fun night last night! This was my

First go at the game. Really being in the thick of it, and now I’m just ready to prepare Smg even more for the next one. HA HA! 

We had a ton of help and support from all over so thank you to Day Lozano , you gave us the space we needed when it was time to really focus during that last little stretch, you kept a positive vibe going for us. 
Thanks to Branden Seyler for going out of his way to help us cut weight, and for cornering matt knowing he has his own fight in two weeks (March 18 or 19th!). He made the cut fun, and kept a nice pace and pushed matt when he needed to be pushed. 

Thanks to Pote Lozano for booking fights, selling tickets and having to deal with the behind the scenes last minute crap. He’s goes out of his way to try and make sure fans get tickets and shirts. Thanks for offering me a fight out of the blue. HA HA! 
Luke Charles you always got Matts back. Thanks for helping from a far get hype and spreading the word about the fight so people could live stream it. Thanks for always keeping it 100 with matt and the rest of us about our goals, and career moves. Nigga we gone MAKE IT!!! (🎅🏿) 
Thanks to Charlie Zito for being racist the entire night! (😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂) ROFL! Nah man you treated me and luke like family from day one and that’s real. We’ll talk more business soon! (Pizza making ass)HA HA! 
Fabian Martinez you came through major with advice on supplements and training techniques, and supported our fighter 100%. Can’t wait until we train at the WHG!!!!! (💪🏻).
Thanks to My sister Ivory Burnett and mom for streaming the fight live. And for helping me help Matt get ready for this fight. Love you! 

Thanks to all of Matts friends, and family, and fans. Everybody was showing a lot of love all throughout the week and last night for the fight. We appreciate everybody that came out. 

Anybody else who helped matt and the rest of the team get this easy win, we thank you and appreciate you. 

Be ready for the next one! 


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