Why astrology? Why? 

I’m still on the fence about astrology. It makes no sense that the star positions control human behavior, and characteristics. 
How they came up with this theory is a wonder. I will eventually look deeper into this things we all speak on but never truly investigate. 

I feel like it’s easy to come to the conclusion that astrology is “real” by using the scientific method. 

The control group being the non-believers in astrology, and the experimental group being believers. Over the course of say, 3 to 5 years observing each groups behavior based on the month they born. 

But you’d have to test so many people in order to get more accurate results. 


So many signs can be mixed and matched to fit others. Why does that not come into question? 

I don’t know. 

Sometimes I wish I would have become a theoretical physicist!  


2 thoughts on “Why astrology? Why? 

  1. Hello, well I think the reason why it affects us is already answers. Through Thoth or Hermis Trismegistus

    I mean when you look at it logically where just energy, and imagine this energy, and this energy is having a frequency how it swings, it’s just like a pendulum but der is a point when this pendulum reaches a point, where it is completly in the moment, completly still and as you might know in our universe there cannot be things that don’t swing/have a frequency if that happens the object would break apart. So that’s exactly whats happening at that stage the pendulum disappears, and when all energy on the bottom level swings at the same level, everything would be same, the one and only, the all. It would spread apart each particle, but then decide go back to the material stage. That’s the point when it’s coming back into “reality”, the pendulum swings back again until the same things happens again and again.
    Similiar to all things, the breath – inhale and exhale, a wave, light, the rotation of the earth.

    Hope I could help you somehow, or at least you grasp the thing what I wanted to say.

    Breath deep


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