Tell me what you see. 

Every time I take a college course, It’s never to get an “A”. My goal is to notice patterns. I watch for the people that get “A’s”, see how they do it, ponder the implications as to why they do it, and what it means for their future. I also make it a point to do just enough to pass the course. 

If the goal is to get the degree so more companies will notice you, why on earth would you bother staying up all night studying for that Bio exam, the physics test, or trying to master the ideas of english composition? 

All you need is a 70% right? How will the other 30% help you feed your family 20 years after you’ve finish Summa Cum Laude? 

What happens when you go up against the dropout that has already started 3 companies, and is in the field everyday, meeting the people you’re getting so many “A’s”  for with so much debt to finally meet? 


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