School is still broken! 

Math homework used to make me cry. The school system is broken and america knows it. I’m just wondering if they will ever fix it!!!!! 

A lot of what we learn from grade school to high school has nothing to do with everyday life unless you count being extremely bored or frustrated with a subject and having to not go insane. This also translates to staying at a dead end job. 

They don’t truly teach kids to dream in a better way. They don’t change up the environment. 

Teach the kids to wash clothes, open retirement funds, how to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Teach them how to negotiate when buying their first house or car. Teach them how to maintain a well balanced diet and why eating unhealthy could lead to a ton of medical bills, essentially ruining your chances at building any kind of wealth and freedom.

The only thing I can think of that would make schools change shit up, is if every student boycotted the classroom and did homeschooling instead. But americans are so brainwashed by the school system, parents would be so afraid to take that risks. 

School doesn’t teach you how to build character and TAKE RISKS!!!!! The most fulfilled lives are lived through calculated RISKS!!!! 

I’d love to teach a “real world applications” class!!!! 


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