When people change. 

People change everyday. I’d advise you to never give 100 percent of your trust to anyone. I’m sure a spouse might deserve 98 percent or even 99. If you ask me, personally a full 100 percent is out of the question. 

Of course this is not the best way to go about things. It’s just something I personally live by.

You can be as ready and preapred as you want. You can check any corner, or write out every single plan. You love as hard as you possibly can, count every calorie, and adjust your goals to a “T”. One thing you can not do this with is human beings. We are prone or change and or error. It’s just in our nature. 

It’s rare to find someone or a group of people that stay EXACTLY the same as they were from the first day you met them. 

But don’t take my advice for it. Just explore all of your professional and personally relationships and see for yourself. 


6 thoughts on “When people change. 

  1. Of course, change is not necessarily always a bad thing! I used to be a total asshole…now? I’m pretty nice! 😂😂😂 But I definitely get where you are coming from.

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