Become inspired! 

Look around and become inspired. Everywhere you look you can see something and use it as motivation. When you see kids playings, think about how free you are and want to become. Think about how much fun you have without having to spend thousands on products that won’t matter years from now. 

Look at the homeless people on the sidewalk and recognize that you are not them. Maybe give them a few bucks if you feel like it and remember that if you continue to not pursue your goals the tables will turn. Recognize that maybe those homeless people have ruined their chances because of burning bridges. Maybe worse case they were in a natural disaster and couldn’t bounce back. 

Be inspired by beautiful flowers. Be inspired by the sun and the moon. Look at how the birds fly so freely. Let the universe and everything it contains inspire positive vibes. 

As you become more positive, others will feel your energy and reciprocate in kind. 



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