3 ways to kill “writers-block” plus a bonus tip. 

Often as writers we believe in this strange idea of “writers block”. We have days when we think “I don’t have any ideas at all what so ever, so I guess I’m done writing for the day, or worse: FOREVER!” 

Well you’re wrong. Here are 3 simple tips that will kill your writers block instantly: 

1). Stop crying about it! Nobody really cares! 

2). Create a daily “writers routine”. Try to set a mood that inspires ideas you can go off of everyday when you begin a new chapter, blog post, or article. NOTHING SUPERSTITIOUS! Just make sure your attempt at writing on a daily basis becomes a part of your everyday life. 

3). Most importantly: SHUT UP AND WRITE! If you feel stuck write about how you are currently feeling. Describe the emotions, and physical pains (if any exist 🤓😂) while trying to find that spark. Stop overthinking the situation. 

Bonus tip: I learned from seth godin that it’s much easier (read more PRACTICAL) to write like you talk. 


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