Finally felt it. 

Last night I posted a random article about writing on reddit. This resulted in someone commenting on the article. They completly ripped my article apart. It was less of a critique and more of an attempt at belittling me. After reading the comment I replied “thank you!” For about an hour afterwards all I could do was feel as though that comment came from my mother or bestfriend. I was angry confused and distracted. So many things crossed my mind in that moment. “Why me?” “Maybe I should stop writing altogether.” “How could they be so cruel?” “Maybe I am that bad of a writer”. Fotunately the feeling went away. I almost let one comment ruin me from someone I’ve never even met. Seems really silly to get all worked up over something like that. I wonder why we as humans respond to criticism the way we do? Internet trolls don’t dictate our happiness, so why let them bother us? 

The lesson I took from this situation is not to be so frail about trivial matters. 


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