Introversion continues to be a struggle. 

Some people may not know based on things I write online, but I’m very introverted. Lately it has plagued me heavily. Causing me to ignore or hurt other people unintentionally. On the other hand I feel I am being myself. Trying to react and be as natural as possible. 

What makes matters worsr is that I plan on networking and trying to meet a ton of new people in California. Which is a very extroverted atmosphere. 

Yes I have moments in life where I am completely extroverted. I’m louder, enthusiastic, and much more assertive. Most days though I just want to be alone with my thoughts. I just prefer to create alone, eat alone, sleep alone, shop alone ect.

I used to be very outgoing and rowdy but over the years that changed a great deal. Part of it was lack of interests in life. Some of it was being let down by people that said they would be there when I needed them. Regardless of how big or small the situation was I let it bother me. I never forgot it, and it drove me to distance myself from most people. 

Now I feel more comfortable in a solo setting. The catch is wanting to get back to being all about people. I need to meet new people in order to get in contact with people that do what I want to do professionally. Other than faking the funk (which I hate doing) I have nonidea how I’m going to solve this problem. 

All I want to do is love what I do and do what I love. I want to travel the world, and be able to buy my family a nice house with no mortgage. In order to do such things I have to fall back in love with meeting new people and being around people. 

I’m not looking for pointers, I’m just trying to figure out how to operate on both sides of the spectrum without seeming fake. 


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