How much don’t you pay attention when living your life? 

If you remain conscious of what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, you’ll waste a lot less time in life. A lot of times we get caught up in the moment and let time pass. Without question we end up doing a lot of stupid shit that we’d instantly regret 5 years from now. 

How does this come about? Lack of awareness and intended consciousness. It is so easy to become like those around you, regardless of the behavior unless you go out of your way to stay alert enough to know, whether you’re making progress or regressing. 

It can be exhausting but practice intentional consciousness and awareness more often. From now on when you are out and about in social situations observe what’s happening. Narrate everything in your mind in real time. Ask yourself why you are amongst those people, and what your trying to learn or who you’re trying to help or what you’re trying to gain. Stop just getting caught up based on habitual behavior or plain old oblivion.  

If you really want to pursue or accomplish important things, these characteristics will do you some good. Just know when and where to use them. 


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