Can we trust government? 

PSA: I’m not into politics and don’t know a lot about it. 

If you’re caught slipping you’ll wind up blinded by the media. You’ll become just a another sheep. This is what the people in power want. Don’t settle. Spend your waking hours getting into a position of power. Why become power hungry all of a sudden? Because it’s your safest bet. If you want to live your dream life and be as free as possible that means you need a level of power in which you on’t currently have. 

Gain the knowledge. Apply it to your situation. Reach a new level of power. It’s not dollars in particular I’m talking about but that does help. It’s just easier to control and manipulate people who are poor and ignorant to their surroundings. At least of you don’t care much for power and wealth, pay attention. Stay on your game at all times. There are a lot less people in it for your than you think. 


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