If I were 16 again. 

Figuring out where to start is not the easiest task in the world. The internet alone provides so many possibilities in terms of what you can create and how far you can take your ideas. The internet is essentially the world’s biggestmiddle man.  

I’m am in no way shape or form an expert or even close to being one. That being said I’d advise getting started on the thing that excites you the most. Wherever you passiona burns the brightest in your heart is where you should start. Use the internet to your advantage if you can. Experiment with paid ads and track your progress or do a test run once you save a few bucks. If app goes well start an official ad campaign and dump double the amount or a few more dollars. Whatever makes you comfortable. 

Most importantly before you go buying up every ad on every social media site, try putting out free content for a few years to build your online presence. 

Well wishes.  

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