How can we fix it? 

It’s hard to ignore the hate that continues to spread around the world. Every time I hear about a killing or something racist it makes me want to hide and never speak on it. All I can say is, get in a position of power.  

Whatever gender or color you are, the best way to beat any kind of hate or racism is by becoming a better version of yourself. Gain more knowldge and build as much wealth as you can. If we have more resources as individuals, we can help whomever needs our help or who we want to help. 

When you’re poor all you can do is shout about what you want and need, but nothing can be done on your part that can create enough a an impact. And no power and wealth don’t fix racism or hate crimes, but it does put you in a position to try and help fix the issue on a smaller scale.

The biggest problem I can see in my opinon is the way we’ve all been conditioned to think throughout out entire lives. 


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