Every single day. 

What 3 to 5 things do you do every single day without missing a beat? Now imagine if those 3 to 5 things were directly related to your next big goal? 

Once you engage in certain behaviors on a daily basis without needing to remind yourself, it becomes a way of life. The same way you might shower a few times a day without missing a day is the same way you should attack your goals and dreams. 

Take a few action steps every single day. don’t miss a day without working on part of or all of your dreams and goals. This way it’s no longer goal setting or dream chasing, but more so who you are, and who you became. 

The more you practice constantly working towards ideas, the easier it gets to succeed and see them through. 

Daily is key. Doing something daily build character, trust, discipline, and a shit ton of momentum. So make a promise to yourself to act on a goal every single day for the rest of your life. This way authenticity turns into reality. 

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