More battles from within…

I always feel a tremendous amount of anxiety any time I start working on a musical piece or decide to release a composition. Every single time. It pisses me off. After so many years I thought it would get easier. It still kills me. I obviously want as many people as possible to listen to it and like it and love it. You want actual fans. You want to feel like your art is a part of the world and accepted. 

I’m not Madonna or Michael Jackson. There are only two of them. In the same breath I create music because I have tried to escape it in the past but I become filled with guilt. Ultimately I still love it for the sake of the art, which is all that should matter to me right? 

Every artist (painters, writers, musicians, comedians) wants their work to be loved and admired. 

What happens when nobody responds or they respond with criticism? 

The answer to that question shouldn’t matter one fucking bit. Just MAKE ART LEON!!! End pf discussion. 


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