Answer the damn door! 

When you become less picky, more opportunities come your way. Often times we think there is a lack of opportunity or favoritism, and even racism holding you back. In reality it may be that you are not willing to do certain things to get to the next level. 

Taking a leas appealing position to stay afloat until the big break, not putting away cash for rainy days because you had to have those new shoes, or just being blind to what’s right in front of you. Even declining help from family and friends. There are so many situations where we could have used the help but had too much pride. 

Try this out for size: over the next 90 days I dare you to lower your standards in terms of opportunities and steppibg stones. If a job comes up and you know you need money, if someone offers you help personally or financially, when it’s best to sacrifice splurging so you can save, don’t put it off. Don’t look down upon it. Embrace it fully, and watch how fast things change and get better for you. 

Perspective is an important variable during these nect 90 days. Starting today! 


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