My letter to Kanye. 

Dear Ye, being a die hard is becoming exhausting. You cried about being 53 million in debt to a bunch of billionaires (you being a multi millionaire yourself) but you cancelling these last few shows could cost you 10 million. That’s called debt and stupidity. 

Stop talking for a while and just get back to music. I’m over your struggle to stay relevant. Let Drake do his thing and leave Frank out of this! 😩😩😩😂😂😂 
You’re not as relevant anymore and it’s killing you which is why you keep clinging to Drizzy every time you feel vulnerable. 

You love kim so much because yes she’s good looking but the best part is, she and her family are some of the most popular names in entertainment today and they don’t possess any true talents outside of signing business contracts to promote them living rich nigga lives and adding their name and faces to stuff for more money to live rich nigga lives. 😂😂😂
Sincerely, A fan that is tired of arguing with other people about why your narcissistic personality disorder is actually just a high level of confidence and not admitting that you are the most bragadocious, and arrogant artist of the past decade. 
Please stop this madness. Jay is tired of it too. He stuck up for you just like I did. We’re over it. Figure out something else and stop making records with people based on how big their buzz is at that time. 😂😂😂😂😂 
It’s about the music. Not how relevant you are. At least it was. You’re a fucking diva to the core. More of a diva than your wife who is probably the second biggest. But even she is way more chill than you. 

Again this is the perspective of a die hard fan since 2004. 

I can’t explain how hurt I am that he is losing his marbles. Fame has torched his perspective completely. He’s scared, and instead of taking time off to be missed he’s just yelling louder and louder, “HEY GUYS REMEMBER HOW RELEVANT I WAS IN THE EARLY 2000’s? WELL IM STILL THE SAME WITH MORE ARROGANCE AND ANTICS SO KEEP SUPPORTING ME LIKE YOU DID BECAUSE IT STROKES MY EGO IN A WAY THAT CANT BE DONE ANY OTHER WAY.”


Again I still agree with SOME stuff he says. But this is getting out of control BRUUUHH! (Kanye Voice). 


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