Everybody helping everybody. Literally. 

If more people treated others the way dog owners treat their dogs, thw world would be a much better place. 

Instead we judge, we bully, and manipulate each other. All we truly care about is making enough money to do what we need to do. We care about materialism. 

Yes there is a perentage that care about others deeply, but most still don’t. We’re constantly taught and fed this “crabs in a barrel” mnetality and way of living. Imagine if we all helped each kther with resumes, term papers, buying houses, raising kids etc. on a major level. Not just through close family and frienslds, but people you did not know but were kind enough to offer. 

I know it’s odd and sounds strange. I’m just thinking of an ideal world that might never exist. Imagine being able to gonto anyone for anything, and not just the people who already may suspect that one day youn will ask them for something they just can’t help you with.


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